Retirement Planning

Having a roadmap for retirement includes a financial plan. Our investment managers and planners are available to help build a strategy so you can enjoy a preferable lifestyle once you retire or cease having a traditional earned income.

Portfolio Management

Our clients receive actively managed portfolios for their unique goals, objectives, timelines, and risk tolerances.

Alternative Investments

are ways to diversify a portfolio with investments that are outside the realm of traditional asset classes. Some examples of alternative investments are managed futures, private equities, real estate and commodities.

Meet The Firm

Triple Circle Asset Management, LLC. (TCAM) in Norfolk, VA is a wealth management firm that provides unified and unbiased advice to clients on their unique financial goals and circumstances. At TCAM we take a 360 degree approach to understand the complete picture of our clients’ needs and design a comprehensive plan that considers current and future financial needs. Our team’s philosophy is to form a relationship with clients that is centered around transparency. Communication is key to transparency, all customers have online access to their accounts, and our entire team is a phone call away. Our advisors bring absolute clarity to our clients’ understanding of our intentions and always conduct business at a fiduciary standard.

Emilio Coppola

Emilio Coppola


An expert in the field of financial planning, Emilio Coppola has focused his attention on wealth accumulation and the complexities of capital preservation and distribution. He is tasked with overseeing all of the company’s day-to-day operations including showing his potential clients how to match their needs with a long-term financial plan. Throughout his 27 year career in the financial services industry, as a graduate of The University of Georgia with a B.A. in Finance, Emilio has made a name for himself as a strategic thinker and motivational leader. Emilio says, “Everyone’s economic situation is unique, and I keep that in mind when providing income distribution or wealth transfer advice. I believe that personalized service is essential when matching clients with the right financial security products and services.” Proud to have garnered many clients during his long and successful career, Emilio says that he is devoted to their needs and is always responsive to their queries. He and his wife Melanie live in Virginia Beach and have three children.

David Walker

David Walker

Financial Advisor

David came to the firm four years ago as an intern from Old Dominion University (ODU), where he immediately shined, as he demonstrated a strong work ethic and young entrepreneurial talent. His concentration focuses on client relationships, marketing, portfolio design, and educating fellow millennials about the importance of financial planning. His knowledge of the newest and upcoming technologies brings new opportunities to the firm and our clients. Whether it’s planning for retirement, college expenses or guiding newcomers through their first investments, conducting a complete client-focused approach is truly David’s passion. Such approach ensures that recommended programs embrace each client’s financial goals, time frames and risk tolerances.

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